Dedicated to the Preservation of Wild Steelhead

The Osprey: International Journal of Salmon & Steelhead Conservation

The Osprey—a scientific journal published by the IFFF Steelhead Committee—has served as a prime source of information and commentary regarding the management, science and recovery of Pacific steelhead and salmon for over 30 years. The Osprey advocates for the conservation of existing wild steelhead and salmon stocks and recovery of depressed populations. Many challenges lay ahead for wild salmon and steelhead, including the impacts of climate change, population growth, ill-advised dams and hatchery projects.  We are hopeful that with dedicated research, education and advocacy on their behalf, salmon can both recover and thrive in perpetuity.


The Conservation Angler provides both financial and editorial support to The Osprey towards its mission of advocating and educating on behalf of the persistence of wild steelhead and salmon. To help recover these fish populations, it is crucial that wild fish advocates maintain a resounding and unified voice.


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to The Osprey so we can continue to provide information and commentary to the general public about the management, science, and recovery of Pacific steelhead and salmon.


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