The Conservation Angler has a passion for wild steelhead.

Conservation Initiatives

The Conservation Angler advocates for the protection, scientific study, and conservation of iconic wild anadromous fish populations and the rivers that support them. Our advocacy efforts and four unique conservation programs seek to protect and conserve these wild fish and fisheries across the Pacific with the goal of changing salmon management and conservation paradigms.

The Kamchatka Steelhead Initiative

This adventure angling research project has produced 20 years of groundbreaking scientific knowledge about wild steelhead and is still a bucket-list travel-volunteer-angler experience.

Wild Steelhead and Iconic Fisheries Campaign

Steelhead anglers around the world hold certain runs of wild steelhead in almost mystical regard: Snake River wild B-runs.  Skagit River wild winters. Thompson and Dean River summer steelhead in British Columbia. TCA has initiated projects to prevent the loss of these iconic fish and fisheries and bring them back from legend and lore to present and future prominence.

Wild Steelhead Protection Initiative

Region-specific projects on wild steelhead rivers on the Olympic Peninsula, in Puget Sound, and throughout the Columbia and Snake Basin will increase our knowledge about current status and spur action to protect future health and productivity.

TCA has launched a series of projects aimed at reforming the use of artificial production hatcheries where they adversely impact wild steelhead populations in Puget Sound, on the Columbia and Snake Rivers and in the Willamette Basin.  TCA will also work to ensure that dam-removal re-introduction programs prioritize wild fish.

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