TCA Accomplishments

TCA has been working diligently for over 14 years advocating for the protection, scientific study, and conservation of wild anadromous fish populations and the rivers that support them.


We have accomplished a great deal, with many initiatives and projects ongoing. Our accomplishments to date include:


The Kamchatka Steelhead Project, a join Russian-American steelhead research project, has been underway since 1994. The program, which is a part of the US-Russia Agreement on the Environment, uniquely combines sponsoring anglers and scientists to fund and operate long-term data collection on these untouched steelhead populations. These efforts have:


  • Led to dozens of research papers and new scientific discoveries about steelhead life histories, relationships between anadromous and non-anadromous life histories, genetic profiles in and between populations, and evolutionary science;
  • Eliminated large scale poaching resulting in dramatic population expansion to near historic levels;
  • Established a long-term cooperative scientific agreement between TCA and Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife under which TCA funds annual participation by WDFW biologist in KSP field work;
  • Helped establish the Lamzov Scholarship & Prize program: annually awarding a four-year merit scholarship ($2,000 annually) to a Kamchatkan student attending an accredited Russian university studying ichthyology, fish¬†biology, wildlife management, conservation biology and related fields. Additionally, the program awards four merit prizes to Kamchatkan high school students.


Working with WDFW, established Solduc River wild steelhead management zone and eliminated Snider Creek wild brood stock program on Solduc River.


Co-plaintiff on Elwha River Fishery Recovery plan lawsuit challenging hatchery based recovery model. Secured prohibition against planting non-indigenous Chambers Creek hatchery steelhead in the Elwha River.


Co-plaintiff forcing NOAA to establish a recovery plan for Puget Sound wild steelhead.


Established long-term cooperative research project on the Hoh River with WDFW.


Essential partner establishing network of wild steelhead gene banks in WA and among the lead proponents for such a designation for the entire Skagit watershed.


Member of the Steelhead & Cutthroat Policy Advisory Group to the Director of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.


Member of the editorial board of The Osprey: International Journal of Salmon and Steelhead Conservation, a journal that has served as a prime source of information and commentary regarding the management, science and recovery of steelhead and salmon for over 20 years.


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